Persuasion Tea Party Week! 15-25/07 (in English)

Our friend @Eliza_Shearer_, has asked us to extend this «party» to everyone, translating our message into English, and we can only agree :).

From 15th to 22nd July, at «Sitio de Jane Austen» (or maybe you know us as «Salon de Te Jane Austen»), we are celebrating the «Persuasion Tea Party Week«, in which we want to celebrate the release of Persuasion by Netflix, but also, the good time of sharing a new adaptation with friends, in a tea party. So do you want to participate? It is very easy:

  • Choose the version of Persuasion you want to see in that week (you can even repeat with more than one party): BBC series from 1971, Spanish TVE series from 1972, films from 1995, 2007 or 2022 (as it will be released in Netflix).
  • Prepare your tea party. Get ready the scones, cucumber sandwiches, cake, tea, or orange wine (among other delicious refreshments), and put all with your best tablecloth and china.
  • Invite your friends.
  • Take a picture of the event and friends! or a 1 minute video (1 minute 30 seconds as max), and send it to our mail (, or tag us as «collaborator» in Intagram (we are SalonTeJaneAusten), with the hashtag/subject #SalonDeTePersuasion
  • You should tell us also your name/alias, city/country, and which adaptation you have used for the party (and your opinion shortly).

We are eager to see your parties! It is our 20th anniversary in El Sitio de Jane, and we love the idea to do something will all the world!

We will raffle a little present among the participants, among 3 areas: America (*), Europe and Spain (if someone is from other place, we will think about it :)). In any case, countries should be in the list of Amazon Global (if there are custom’s costs, they will be paid by the winer(s)).

Also, a possible YouTube video will be created with all the collaborations.

Note: this is an activity not linked to Netflix (and we keep the rights to choose winners and images).

Activity information in Sitio de Jane: (in Spanish).



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